Residential Real Estate

You have easily found us online.  You are impressed with our high-end presence and great multi-media presentations that involve professional photography and HD Video. You are now ding further research into what makes Century 21 Select the perfect choice for your real estate needs.  We are the NOW Real Estate office.  That is correct, Real Estate now is very different than what it was even 2 years ago… let alone 20 years ago… so you need to keep in mind that experience is an amazing asset for a real estate practitioner, and we have plenty of it.  However, staying at the forefront of technology, marketing, buyer trends and communication methods are equally important to our success!

Listing Your Property:

Whether you are dealing with a Foreclosure, a Short Sale or a Regular Equity Sale, one thing is common against all of these transactions…. There is always a buyer on the other side!  Therefore, understanding buyer behaviors, and needs are a very large piece of the puzzle; but that is just the beginning!  It is very important to reach out to, and connect with, these buyers and to give them your marketing message in a way they want it.  Then we follow though by being available and responsive to their inquiries.  Try sending us an email, or giving us a call and see how quickly we respond… then try the competition…

Very often we list properties and get multiple offers, after they have been listed with other agents without success.  There is no secret:

  1. Hard work, professional presentation and crisp marketing collateral delivered to thousands of potential buyers in various multimedia methods.
  2. We price properties to get you the highest price possible in the timeframe that suits your needs. Do you need to sell in 30, 60 or 90 days?
  3.  Responding to buyer’s requests within minutes… we are crazy about this!  We are addicted to responding to inquiries through the use of technology and by leveraging our time as an efficient team of professionals.  This includes being able to schedule an appointment to show your property promptly and only to serious and qualified buyers.

We are very, VERY good at handling each transaction type.  Please look on the tabs at the left of this page to learn further details about each listing type whether it be a short sale, an REO property or a regular or probate sale… each one has its own approach and we have them all figured out.  You are in good hands.  Click here and open the Sellers section of this site for more detailed information or contact us.


It is free.

Let’s start by realizing that having the best team in the industry represent you as a buyer is free.  That is correct, free!  The seller’s pay a listing commission that is then split between the buyer’s agent (also called the selling agent) and the listing agent.  The buyer does not have to pay any money.

As a buyer you have to present your offer in the most competitive manner, and make sure you target the offer to address the seller’s interest so they chose your offer.  You also need to be ready to go into escrow right away.  This means being pre-qualified with a mortgage or finance, and understanding in-depth the physical condition, title and valuation factors affecting the property.  We do not write an offer blindly, we mean business with everything we do, and we are efficient.

Explore the Buyer’s section of this site for further information or contact us. and someone from our team will quickly reach out to you to answer your questions personally.