Property Management

Our staff takes the pain of managing away from you, and lets you focus on counting your money!

24-7 Repair Request

  • Get apartments rent-ready
  • 24 hour emergency services
  • Major repairs (we are a Licensed & Bonded Contractor)

- CA License 917824 Link

We offer flexibility! We establish a pre-approved maintenance request cost for which we don’t even need to call you (no less than $50)… if the repair is less than that, we handle it on the spot. If the repair is higher than that, we call you and give you a competitive quote… you can then choose to have us do the repair for you or you can have anyone, including yourself handle the transaction.

We always keep $500 on your client trust account, destined to any Major Emergency Call, which is a major life or death situation; or one in which you have the potential for further property damages or loss, if it is not correct immediately. If we are unable to reach you for approval within 1 hour of the call, then we make an executive decision and fix the problem right there and then.