Meet The Team

Century 21 Select is a one-stop, high caliber, provider for Residential Real Estate Services. We define Residential Real Estate as Single Family Residences as well as small and very large Multifamily Apartment Buildings. We have in-depth experience in all aspects of Residential Real Estate. We understand and provide expert services in all areas including, but not limited to:

1. Finance
2. Contract Negotiation
3. Valuation
4. Rehabilitation of Distressed Residential Real Estate assets
5. Legal & Regulatory concerns
6. Building & Safety and Code Enforcement
7. Tenant and Property Management and Maintenance

We work as one cohesive team on the forefront of the real estate industry. The combination of our Real Estate knowledge and experience and our marketing and promotion savvy makes us the best in the industry. Our internet exposure and presence together with our staff’s availability to respond to clients, tenants or potential investors is superb and allows us to reach target customers and business opportunities seamlessly.

We have a professional photography and videography consultant on staff. We produce high-end promotional multi-media material and we distribute it wide and far throughout the world to ensure we reach the best buyers and sellers. We have the best internet and SEO team that ensures our online presence is second to none. We work closely with the best attorneys that specialize in each specific aspect of Real Estate law; more importantly we are passionate and tireless about our vision.

Our Vision Statement is “To provide the best possible homes for people”.

Everything we do is done with that end-purpose in mind. By providing the best possible homes for people, we provide opportunities to investors, owners, tenants, asset managers and every single stakeholder to be successful with their own goals, and to do it with ease.

Whether you are an institutional investor or a first-time home buyer, you will enjoy the benefits and financial rewards of our experience, passion, discipline and love for people and real estate. We appreciate the opportunities you bring to our team and will respond by putting your needs ahead of our own. We have a tremendous network of peer real estate professionals and third party service providers that look forward to working with us and our clients, because we believe in long-term relationships that are based on mutual respect and on adding value to our clients and partners. You owe it to yourself to be part of our Century 21 Select network.

Century 21 Select for Select Individuals.